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+375 29 7793774

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+375 29 7178225

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контактный номер в Германии:
+4917661052698 (Александр)
контактный номер в Казахстане:
+77013470191 (Рамиля)
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+380955836001 (Елена)
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+8618618145591 (Наталья)
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+99365803036 (Тимур)
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+7 495 2336494
+7 495 7928915

About Us

Triostyle is one of the leading medical tourism companies in the Republic of Belarus. We will assist you to get any medical service. Among our partners are the best health care providers of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries, i.e. Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Turkey, India, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, China, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

What we offer?

  1. We will provide a patient with a detailed description of services, prices, list of documents required to visit Belarus, information about duration of stay and about accommodation.
  2. We can meet your at the airport or railway station, transfer to a booked apartment or hospital and provide you with a mobile phone with a local sim-card (for 24/h support). We can also arrange a daily transfer within Minsk, assist with registration at the migration department, arrange a daily delivery of foods or takeaways or medications. We can help to solve routine problems, arrange leisure and cultural activities or shopping. We will care for you during your stay in our country.
  3. We will continue to support you after you return home, i.e. will provide you additional information relating to prescriptions, treatment, test results, etc.

Treatment abroad

We will help you to find a hospital abroad, connect you with a hospital manager, give information about the services provided there and about the documents required. We will coordinate the issues relating to travel and accommodation, etc. Our manager will stay in touch with you during the whole trip.

How to contact us&

Please, contact us by phone, email: info@triostylemed.com, Viber, WhatsUp, Imo or Line +37529 7793774, and we will answer your questions.

Our motto is “customer-friendly medicine”

Компания «Триостайл»

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